Photographs taken by the dog’s owner show the amazing and emotional affinity that exists between an owl and a canine
Occasionally, animals form close bonds with each other. Her two pets, the owl Polka and the shepherd dog Inki, can’t spend a day apart. Tanya Brandt routinely publishes
In memory of the dead warriors, make a bird poppy nest from of their blooms
Poppy wreaths have mysteriously vanished from the Australian Memorial Plaque in Canberra over the course of several years. A bird grabbed them up and threw them in its
It’s time to find out why this bird has been dubbed «the most beautiful bird on Earth»
Male Mandarin Ducks’ shimmering head feathers make them very appealing. These birds may be found in abundance across East Asia. Despite this, they feel at home in the
Storks travel 14000 kilometers each year to see their wounded partner
How far are you willing to go to see your loved one? There is a good chance a large number of you would go more than 14000 kilometers,
After spending a day without moving, an owl was spotted by a small boy in the marsh
Walking through the city’s centre, a man came upon an adorable little creature. This bird of prey caught his eye. As he went about his business, he didn’t
A bald eagle and a crow in flight were the subjects of a series of breathtaking photographs taken by an unknown photographer
Photographer Phoo Chan, whose work has been on the front cover of National Geographic several times, took these stunning shots. This is the first time anybody has ever
With its shimmering greenish-yellow feathers, this dove is one of nature’s most beautiful creatures
Eye-catching color: greenish-yellow. Wearing anything in this hue will draw a lot of attention. But what if a dove has such a hue? It will also begin to
John Young’s work as an Australian naturalist and wildlife filmmaker has won him a place in the annals of wildlife filmmaking
He took a picture of an extinct species of endangered animal. Neither the audio nor the photographs of uncommon bird singing that the researcher has are being shared
The Owl can’t help but embrace the man who saved her from a perilous situation
Great Horned Owl Iggy was carried to the vet on her Final Legs by a concerned member of the public. A good Samaritan who happened to be walking
This stork travels. Every year, Iove makes the long journey to see him
This particular stork exemplifies the devoted nature of the species.Two decades ago, he flew 8,500 kilometers every week to see his long-term partner. Esto, a stork named for
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