Unique and regal birds you’ve never seen before

Birds aren’t usually included in «best of» lists, but they’re stunning to look at and may surprise you with their size and diversity.

Some birds are so interesting that they have been adopted by the people

It was previously considered fashionable for a man to wear a peacock feather from his clothing as an evidence of innovation.

The pink flamingo is often thought of as being only found in Africa, however it has really been located throughout the Americas, Europe, and even Asia.

From almost colorless to a dazzling pink, they come in a wide range of colors. Dark-chinned hummingbird: Hummingbirds, being such little creatures, are undeniably endearing.

Scientists are taken aback by everything about them, from the incredible frequency of their heartbeats to the incredible efficiency of their digestion to the amazing range of colors in their purple quills.

The kingfisher is a globally distributed bird that has gained widespread popularity among photographers throughout the world.

Many cultures depend on these birds to sustain their way of life.

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