Better than ever: Sharon Stone, 64, made headlines when stepping out in a plunging-neck dress
Thor, now 64 and starring in the film Basic Instinct, seemed self-conscious on the red carpet in what spectators have nicknamed a «princess outfit.» She gushed about how
Prematurely delivered and already at home, the infant was referred to as the baby’s final chance
With the introduction of the Main Plot According to legend, Yu Xuan’s birth was the smallest ever recorded. The Center of Hong Kong recently released a 13-month-old child
These artist-decorated orthopedic helmets bring smiles to the faces of ailing kids and onlookers alike
All across the globe, people suffer from a wide variety of different ailments. In addition, every illness comes with its own set of challenges and setbacks, particularly for
When Cher, 76, posted a photo of a diamond ring on Instagram, speculation began that she was promised to her 36-year-old boyfriend
It appears Cher made good use of December 24th and that there were many nice surprises in store for her. Everyone was taken aback when a 76-year-old vocalist
The fact that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6 or 8 is now general knowledge, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be plus size
Audience members’ brains are still reeling from the shock of seeing Marilyn. Yet many are still unsure whether the actress would be considered attractive by modern standards. To
Introducing «M. L’ex-femme and the Bean children,» the offspring of M. L’ex-femme and the ex-husband of Rowan Atkinson, the superstar of British comedy
No one will be able to look away from M. Bean’s beautiful daughter. R. Atkinson, the supremely talented and endearing comic actor, has played hundreds of roles during
Six-Year-Old Twins Born to Parents of Different Races: A Statistically Significant Finding?
Hannah and Kyle stumbled across one other at one of England’s many pubs. Their romance began with a brief talk that didn’t last more than a few minutes.
Beautiful baby was born with a «clown nose» nine years ago. Where she is now living and how she looks
Birth is a predestined event. This is predetermined by a person’s genetic makeup and the forces of nature, thus acceptance or adaptation is required. Raising children properly is
The legendary Alain Delon started his career as a butcher before transitioning to acting
Nearly everyone in the area came out to gawk at the dashing stranger. Everyone in the world is in awe of Alain Delon’s charisma and attractiveness. However, not
Even after twenty years have gone, many still mistake Baby for a young girl because of her unusual birth deformity
Right today, Michelle Kish is a fully grown adult lady. Her Hallermann-Streiff syndrome is a birth defect. Another indication of this disease is disfigurement. The girl’s mother claims
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