The photographer was able to get a picture of two beautiful owls while they were spending a very intimate time together

Owls have always been considered to be intriguing animals. Leslie Arnott, who is 55 years old and hails from Staffordshire, took these photographs during a cooperation between Country Events and Falconry.

There, he was instructing others on how to photograph birds of prey in both static and moving poses.

The fantastical event took place in the woods of Lea Marston, which is located in Warwickshire. Two owls were seen perched on a limb of a tree, snuggling up to one another.

They gave off the impression of being a charming pair at first glance, but it turned out that they were related.

The owls, upon realizing that they were the subject of a shot, drew nearer to one another and even began to kiss when they saw the camera.

They displayed their affection while simultaneously capturing really fascinating images that quickly spread over the internet.

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