A woman discovers a mixed-gender cardinal in her backyard
To identify the male and female cardinals different, you don’t need to be an expert in the field of birds. The ladies are brownish-yellow, while the males are
These two photographers were able to catch an incredible natural event
A large bird flew above the heads of the onlookers.  The starlings of Lough Ennell may be found alongside terms like » in Irish. Peter Hogg and William
As soon as you get a glimpse of this adorable bird, you’ll be smitten
Spectacular white hummingbirds are drawn to nectar-drenched flowers. However, the images are immaculate. Changes in the animal’s seed coat may cause color loss. She tells me she was
The hippopotamus began to howl for help as an incoming swarm of fowl tried to land on its neck
Hippos are afraid of birds of prey that land over their heads while they are young. This elephant snapshot was taken by photographer Marcel Mol in Tanzania’s South
A bald eagle and a crow in flight were the subjects of a series of breathtaking photographs taken by an unknown photographer
Photographer Phoo Chan, whose work has been on the front cover of National Geographic several times, took these stunning shots. This is the first time anybody has ever
An overly fat owl was rescued after it was determined it could never fly again
It may be becoming harder for us to maintain our fitness levels, but that certainly can’t be said for wild animals. It was decided to safeguard a bird
This bird has three different colors, and it will win your heart
Everything may be traced back to the natural world, which serves as its foundation. Even if there are moments when we may take Earth for granted, a more
When the dog brings the comatose bird back to life, the bird expresses her appreciation in the cutest way imaginable
Dogs have shown time and time again that they are willing to help people by whatever means necessary. Diamond the dog and his owner were relaxing at home
After spending a day without moving, an owl was spotted by a small boy in the marsh
Walking through the city’s centre, a man came upon an adorable little creature. This bird of prey caught his eye. As he went about his business, he didn’t
Splendid The fairywren is a little, chubby bird that seems if it was taken straight out of a children’s book
The usual term for these incredible creatures is «wonderful fairywrens.» Their feathers are a striking shade of purple, making them stand out from the rest of the colony.
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