A guy was thanked by a crow family after a year of service

He stepped outside to investigate after hearing the excited screams of their parents and observed adults flying frantically over their young.

Bringing the young «home» alone was out of the question since the house was so high.

The guy procured the chicks and positioned the crows on the tallest tree he could find.

The whole bunch of crows eventually found a place to rest within the house. Stuart began delivering food to nearby birds in order to cement their friendship.

The crows began to become used to the guy and his family over time.

Over time, the chicks grew up and the crow family decided it was time to give back to the individual who had helped them out so generously. The guy began to acquire unusual presents on a regular basis, and he did so near to home.

Authorities believe that birds’ love of glittering items and their readiness to share their «praise» with humans show that they place a high value on their connection.

There are times when Stuart is entranced by the crow family, and the guy even plans to organize some kind of auction for their creations.

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