For Your Consideration: A bird bejeweled with blue and green diamonds looks fantastic when polished in turquoise

To the naked eye, he seems to be a primarily black bird, but closer inspection reveals vivid green and colored splodges all over him.

These mountains of the northern Andes are home to the Tangara nigroviridis, a little songbird.

The jewel-like specks of blue — green paint the bird’s whole body a brilliant turquoise, which stands out beautifully against the frog’s black mask and rear.

The female of the this species is also colorful, albeit her hues are more subdued than those of her male counterpart.

This bird is found in the tropics of Bolivia, Colombia, Colombia, and Brazil.

As it travels through its natural habitat of tropical rain forests, this bird disperses seeds from the fruit and nectar it eats.

Inside the fork of her chosen tree, the female рeсe builds a mossy nest in March, when she will lay anywhere between two to five eggs.

She expects incubation to take between 13 and 15 days. The chicks will reach full maturity between 14 and 20 days of age.

There are probably about 10,000 of them, and they aren’t very spread out or vulnerable to extinction due to hunting.

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