One mom gives birth to two exceptional sons who shock the doctors
Oftentimes, infants are born with no or very little hair. Two British brothers were both blessed with full manes at birth. The legacy left by Lindsay Shelton’s offspring
An angry man showed up when he learned a dog was locked inside a birdcage
A puppy was discovered by the staff of the Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter hiding in a birdcage. It was just ridiculous. Do you really think that? They didn’t
The dog studied hard to master his role as babysitter for his owner’s young child, and he picked up quite a few skills along the way
Chico, Leonardo’s loyal dog, was there for him almost from the day he was born. With her baby at an age when he mostly only requires someone to
When a lion heard the clamor of buffalo footsteps approaching, it allegedly kept watch in a tree
Sight study took done at Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park. Rare photos of a buffalo tussling with a cub lion were taken by 39-year-old photographer Neelutpaul Barua. The
Some studies suggest that the emotional toll of saying goodbye to a dog might be comparable to that of losing a close relative
As everyone who has ever had a pet pass away can agree, there is nothing worse than seeing another person’s grief. Some may see such a response as
A goodhearted guy takes a stray cat home, and ever since then, the cat has been clinging to him
This is the kind of tale that will convince even the most cynical reader that a cat and a person can fall in love at first sight. Luke
Before getting married, a young lady adopts and brings home a brood of thirteen children to raise as his own
One of the most special days in a woman’s life is the day she marries her soul mate. We’d all want nothing more than for our loved ones
Please welcome the cute, friendly, and reminiscent of cuddly Siberian farm cats
t’s a common misconception that everyone loves cats. To a lesser extent, they need cats. To a certain extent, they like being the focus of attention—but only when
A dog that always seems happy has gone viral on the internet
Bacca has a group of dedicated neighbors who look up to him and his infectious joy. Owners poke fun at their pet by saying he never has a
Retirement at age 40 for a racehorse and retirement at age 58 for a man both give each other hope for the future and a cause to keep on living
Donnie Macadams, 58 at the time, was an avid horseman who really cared for his horse, Waco. After their first meeting in 2008, they continued to spend time
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