A photographer captures the stunning moment when the feathers on a bird’s wings suddenly become rainbows, a phenomenon so unusual that it increases the value of the shot exponentially

A guy was taking in the beautiful day on his patio when he saw the unbelievable scene.

If you ever see a hummingbird in flight during a dawn, you may notice that even the tiniest features take on a rainbow hue.

The guy was perplexed since he had been observing a black hummingbird. This is called a prism effect, and it is quite difficult for human eyes to pick up on.

These rainbow gems have always captivated him, and in 2012, a short video showcased some of his pictures of hummingbirds.

From what I’ve heard, it was a smashing success (it won 11 international awards including that of best film).

The amazing prism effect is something he has never seen before. He went back to take more pictures of it several years later.

I decided to take pictures of the same thing,» the photographer said.

It’s simply light dancing over the wings of this one-of-a-kind hummingbird; no magical mechanism at work.

This is, nevertheless, an unseen natural secret that cannot be denied. To see more of his stunning photographs, please scroll down.

Nature is the most stunning thing in existence, and we must do all in our power to preserve it.

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