A wild crane that keeps showing up at the woman’s home becomes her companion

Despite this, residents of one location in Florida, United States, have learned to live peacefully with the local wildlife by sharing food and seeds with the birds that migrate through the area each year.

The birds can easily find food in the region, so care isn’t strictly necessary, but it may be helpful depending on the time of year, and it’s never been a problem till this wild crane called Carl showed around.

Carl’s new norm is to spend the day in Autumn’s company, where he can find seeds and have some fun with his new friend.

Carl, unlike other birds, will go up to the house’s yard and make verbal contact with either the Ring camera or the front door to request food for his new friend.

Despite the fact that his incessant demands for food might get old after a while, Autumn adores Carl and is grateful for the closeness they’ve developed over the course of their time together.

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