What did the fisherman catch and who was it take

Undoubtedly, the man’s success in luring a shark to his bait was due to some good fortune.

The fisherman glanced upward and caught sight of something moving, but he paid it no mind. And ultimately, fruitless.

Yes, in the next instant, a gigantic eagle swooping over snatched up the captured shark and took it into the sky, and an eyewitness videotaped the whole event.

Chad Crissman and his buddy Darren Wick spent the whole day fishing off the coast, but they had very little luck.

Crissman’s fishing line was only noticeably extended in the evening. And the guy managed to pull a respectable-sized shark out of the water.

After Chad had requested a buddy to take a catch, the eagle showed up.

It seems like the bird has been watching the fisherman for quite some time, waiting for the right moment to attack.

The eagle swooped down on its prey, grabbed the shark, and immediately began eating it, unfazed by the presence of the neighboring fishermen.

Given their massive size, bald eagles often take on sharks as their meal. At Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a bird has plucked a predator from out of the surf.

In an intriguing twist, local ornithologists used the footage to identify the burglar. The encounter with Eugene the bald eagle is not the first time fisherman have seen him.

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