Pictures of a Colibri butterfly reveal a kaleidoscope of colors on its wings

Seeing a hummingbird flit across the sky with such dexterity and speed is really a sight to see.

Photographer Christian Spence was the first to catch on video a scene that was both magnificent and rare: a little rainbow that drifted in the air.

While seeing a black hummingbird in great detail, Christian remarked on a strange optical illusion. He was taking a close look at the bird and said that it is hard to identify such a phenomena.

Christian was certain that no one could see through the deception.

Since he was a kid, Spence has been fascinated with calibris with rainbows in the sky. A short film he made in 2011 called «The Dance of Time» featured many of his own photographs and was featured at a film festival.

Ten awards and honors were bestowed upon him as a result of the film’s popularity.

After some time had passed, though, he tried again. The second time around, he came more prepared.

According to him, the diffraction of light, more than any special technology, is what makes us appreciate the mystery that might be uncovered in nature, such as in the case of hummingbird wings.

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