Why do birds brindle if they are «intoxicated» in the autumn?

An increasing number of people are interested in the idea of ferocious creatures that charge at their prey, knock themselves out, and then act strangely thereafter.

Although it may be difficult to believe, all of this is the result of the person’s own reckless behavior or excessive alcohol use.

To my surprise, the spring is when I see the most «fringales» involving birds. The most probable offenders are widely eaten fruits that find their way into alcoholic beverages.

The creatures’ behavior is as obstinate as if they had discovered a dancing grass. So long as fruit is still available, they will keep returning.

Within fewer than six hours of being placed to sleep, they are brought back to life. Some people report that drinking beer made with these berries causes them to become less cooperative and act in unusual ways.

Birds may lose their footing and fall if they try to perch or move about in such conditions. One of the most inaccurate claims is that birds in cold areas may spend hours frozen or killed by wild animals.

Given the dire situation, what can we do specifically to aid the birds? You should take it home with you or store it somewhere safe until the bird is well enough to eat again.

There is a chance that the bird might be given water and food when it has healed completely.

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