His parents left him when he was only a few hours born, and look at him now
The arrival of a new kid is a cause for great celebration in many
During the first bath, these charming ‘hugs’ gain over 24 million loves
Despite their small stature, these monkeys have a preference for tropical cliffs and caves.
Despite her unusual facial deformity, the model proves that true beauty comes from inside
Modeling is open to females of all sizes and shapes, including those who are
Years after a man helped rescue a mother wolf and her kids, the wolf killed the guy’s dog
A long time ago, in the uncharted regions of Alaska, a man came across
After being rescued, this cat became the prettiest feline in the world, despite the fact that he was an outsider
Three street kittens were taken to a shelter in California during the winter months.
Unbreakable is the attachment between a dog and a pig
Companionship may be found in unexpected places and amongst people who seem to be
A hurricane-rescued squirrel has been dubbed «cute» by the media. Isaac’s favorite teddy bear is usually at her side when she takes a sleep
Everyone agrees that the tiniest animals on the globe are just as cute and
The little blue penguin is an adorable bird
Although blue penguins may come off as pampered brats, the very fact that they
When you witness what a Blind Dog performs, you’ll believe in magic
A trip to Florida with Kylie’s Shiba Inu, Catana, was a no-brainer for the
Inspiring tale of courage. A little kid is able to get away thanks to the dog’s barking
A Filipino biker was pursuing a dog up a mountain when the animal suddenly
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