You couldn’t separate the two from one another

What an incredible tale of adventure in Colorado! Miss Page took in a boy and a girl, separated by a year, and treated them like her own.

After her divorce, she made some significant adjustments to her regular routine. She uprooted her career and began afresh in a new city. Having just become a churchgoer, she found employment at a local children’s home.

She found the work to be difficult and depressing at first. She participated, and she’s glad she did. A lot of soul-searching led the mother to finally decide to adopt a child from that institution.

4-day-old. Even when he was still in the womb, his drug addict mother abandoned him. The infant sustained no injuries at all.

Miss Page has abducted the kid. While the adoption agency searched for his biological parents, she gave him the name Grayson.

She was handed adoption papers when no trace of the lady could be located. She took Greyson in as her own son.

The plot will not stop here. A newborn was again calling her name a few days later. Where they had her baby was the same place where they had their baby. This infant was too precious for her to give up.

Miss Page and the newborn had long been anticipating one other’s company. The bracelet with a little hand and the names of Grayson’s parents stood out the most. Someone looked for Hannah’s birth mother’s details.

Regarding her son, she is unsure whether he is aware that she is expecting a third kid. Katie Page informed her superiors and they confirmed the child’s relationship to her.

Beyond this point, the story develops further. This was the third child the lady had given up for adoption. Katie Page has filed a custody petition as of this writing.

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