In terms of eyelash length, she set a new world record
It’s official: Shanghai’s Yu Jianxia holds two separate world records. She has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes anybody has ever seen. Since 2016, she has held a record
The legendary Alain Delon started his career as a butcher before transitioning to acting
Nearly everyone in the area came out to gawk at the dashing stranger. Everyone in the world is in awe of Alain Delon’s charisma and attractiveness. However, not
The photographs of a 2-month-old baby’s beautiful hair rapidly went popular on the internet
Dimo, who is just nine weeks old, has full, thick hair. In order to dry the boy’s hair after a bath, his mother had to apply a style
Participating in the creation of the world’s biggest LEGO Titanic model had a dramatic impact on the life of a youngster with autism
Brynjar Karl Birgisson, an Icelandic native, became internationally renowned for his boundless excitement and energy. As a memorial to the ship that went lost in 1912, the little
This guy has given the world the most beautiful phrases for animals while still preserving the natural world
Amaryldo was working at a supermarket when he came upon some vintage tires in the parking area of the store, which is where he got the idea for
She’s the one with the highest cheekbones, and she just revealed her natural appearance
Anastasia, a model and blogger, has unnaturally wide cheeks and has posted images of herself before any of her cosmetic surgery. The DailyStar has released the photographs from
The woman bought a decommissioned plane, had it modified into a home, and then moved into the woods
Catherine didn’t let the fact that she had no place to live stop her from being resourceful; she bought a vintage plane and went on a cross-country adventure.
The two «small round things» a man found hidden on his doorway turned out to be filled with tens of thousands of dollars
A New Jersey couple was renovating their home when they discovered a large quantity of cash from the 1940s. Annie and Manuel Mccall have spent the previous four
Take a look at this young lady, who has become an online sensation due to the thickness of her hair
Gabriella’s incredibly dense mane of hair has made her famous not just in her home Sofia, but all around the globe.Denise, a 33-year-old Sofia, Bulgaria native, just became
When Cher, 76, posted a photo of a diamond ring on Instagram, speculation began that she was promised to her 36-year-old boyfriend
It appears Cher made good use of December 24th and that there were many nice surprises in store for her. Everyone was taken aback when a 76-year-old vocalist