After meeting for the first time in a coffee shop, an owl and a cat quickly became fast friends
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These artist-decorated orthopedic helmets bring smiles to the faces of ailing kids and onlookers alike
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The dog next door took the pregnant cat in a booth after the owner threw her out of the home
When Maryona was a kitten, her loving owners took her to live in a luxurious apartment in the heart of Moscow. Maryona was looking forward to spending the
A plastic surgeon will not be able to make a mother of sixty seem like she is twenty
Angela Paul grew up in the Golden State. In no way does she seem to be 64 years old.She and her daughter, now 34, are mistaken for sisters
Everyone was taken aback when they learned she had given birth to an albino child
Inquiring minds want to know what you think the child of albino Vera and the lady he married, Nannuka, might look like. Vera’s modeling career launched her into
Photographer could not help but giggle at the lion’s distinctive look
The Lord of Creatures, like any other creature, has its share of problems and oddities. We may call this lion intriguing since he seems to be unusually careless.
When their mother left them, a pit bull took care of these orphaned raccoon cubs
Animals, unlike people, are more likely to help one another out. In contrast, canines are the most devoted of all animal species. Besides being man’s best friend, they’re
A once destitute man who started working at Amazon when he was 11 years old eventually became a top executive there
The ability to get out of poverty was a direct result of my schooling. Executive at Amazon now at the age of 42, David Ambroz had this concept
While on a family vacation, a 4-year-old boy plays outdoors and later brings home a deer he met in the wild
It was Annie’s choice to spend the weekend with her family in Virginia, where she lives as a young mother in the United States. It was great for
A image of a 4-year-old cancer survivor is encouraging
The only way to experience genuine joy is to triumph over a formidable obstacle. Struggles mold us into who we become. Lula Beth Bowden, age 4, was diagnosed