Enige is the biggest feline in the world. The 350-pound tiger-lion cross is a tiger-lion hybrid

In terms of size, the tiger-lion crossbreed known as Enige is the biggest cat.

Although he’s big, he retains a kind disposition despite his intimidating appearance.

After a walk with animal rights activists Sam Watson and Travis AntIe in a tiny South Carolina town, this creature became well-known.

These films were posted on YouTube and rapidly became famous, making their way around the internet.

Former football player who got intrigued by the 350-kilogram cat joked about how much food this cat eats.

To him, it has fangs the size of man’s middle finger, the tongue the size of his forearm, its size and weight are twice as large as those of tigers and lions.

It’s not every day that you get to witness such a lovely and unusual creature. This animal reminds us of extinct species that were considerably larger.

The huge kitten should have a long and happy life, entertaining as many people as possible.

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