She was 64 years old when she gave birth to her first kids
Parental rights were revoked for 64-year-old mother of two Mauricia Ibáez because she was deemed «incapable.» Since 2017, the Spanish mother has been battling in court to regain
Before getting married, a young lady adopts and brings home a brood of thirteen children to raise as his own
One of the most special days in a woman’s life is the day she marries her soul mate. We’d all want nothing more than for our loved ones
Everyone was taken aback when they learned she had given birth to an albino child
Inquiring minds want to know what you think the child of albino Vera and the lady he married, Nannuka, might look like. Vera’s modeling career launched her into
This bald youngster was overwhelmingly chosen as the Wild Hair Day champion by the seventh grade class
Many individuals, both men and women, take pleasure in their hair. The tragedy of baldness will cause great grief. The youngster had the concept, but on the school’s
As a married couple, they have Down syndrome for the same amount of time they have been together as they have been together: 22 years
Marriage is difficult. Reading about another famous Hollywood couple’s breakup just reinforces the perception that love is short-lived. Is it unusual to find a well-rounded tale these days?
As a lasting memento of his mother, a son writes the sounds of her dying heartbeats onto his arm
A mother’s bonds can never be severed. Thomas Resch, 21, of Marysville, Washington, supplied confirmation of this. Thomas bravely got a tattoo of his mother’s face on his
A image of a 4-year-old cancer survivor is encouraging
The only way to experience genuine joy is to triumph over a formidable obstacle. Struggles mold us into who we become. Lula Beth Bowden, age 4, was diagnosed
As they matured, one of the twins’ appearances diverge significantly from the others
Sisters Minnie and Billie looked a lot alike at birth. Truly, a set of beautiful and unique twins. Even before birth, the twins looked quite similar to one
To put it simply, Ron Howard was brought up by his mom. The lengthy wait time pigeonholed her into a preconceived category
The crowd starts to become bored as the toddlers start dancing. Apollo 13, Matilda, and Scrooged all include Mrs. Jean Speegle Howard in lead roles. Rance Howard tied
Medical professionals successfully disentangled a set of conjoined twins three years ago, when both babies were only one year old. How are the newborns doing now, though?
The Delaney sisters, Erin and Abby, were born in July of 2016, and although their parents should have been happy, they instead felt anxiety. When they were delivered
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