The family of the boy’s closest friend decides to adopt the youngster after he has spent his whole life in foster care

To some extent, kids will model their behavior after that of their parents and friends while they’re young. This is why it’s so important for kids to have secure and caring families while they’re young.

If a youngster is reared in a loving home, they are more likely to become a kind adult.

Yet, sadly, there aren’t too many youngsters who can say that they have it so well. Some of these youngsters have never met either parent, while others come from families where abuse has happened.

Andrew, a local teen from Nashville, is no stranger to this place.The parents’ rights were terminated, and the kid was placed in state care when he or she was six years old. Andrew and his three older siblings were all adopted.

His experience was unprecedented.Tennessee native and Nashville middle schooler Andrew has been there before.

Six years ago, he was taken into state custody, and he has been living there ever since. Andrew’s four younger siblings were all adopted as babies and given loving, permanent homes. This was an unprecedented event in his experience.

They achieved victory as a result of their combined efforts. Over the last year, Andrew has learned to control his anger. Furthermore, he has a strong relationship with their son, Joc.

Joc was the one who first suggested that he and Andrew get together to play video games. Yes, Joc had really granted his blessing. After bonding over a common experience, two young guys became close friends.

They saw Andrew’s second failed adoption attempt as more evidence that he belonged with them permanently. So they saw Andrew’s second unsuccessful adoption attempt as proof that he was destined to stay with them.

Despite the fact that Andrew has never faced prejudice, it is obvious that many others have. He kept his promise and checked «no option» when asked whether he had any racial preferences for his new foster home.

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