She was 64 years old when she gave birth to her first kids
Parental rights were revoked for 64-year-old mother of two Mauricia Ibáez because she was deemed «incapable.» Since 2017, the Spanish mother has been battling in court to regain
As a lasting memento of his mother, a son writes the sounds of her dying heartbeats onto his arm
A mother’s bonds can never be severed. Thomas Resch, 21, of Marysville, Washington, supplied confirmation of this. Thomas bravely got a tattoo of his mother’s face on his
You couldn’t separate the two from one another
What an incredible tale of adventure in Colorado! Miss Page took in a boy and a girl, separated by a year, and treated them like her own. After
See the baby who made headlines across the globe when he was born with a mole shaped like a heart
Humans mingle, develop romantic attachments, and tie the knot. The responsibility of caring for a young kid gives new significance to every aspect of their lives. They’re to
A single mother in Uganda is a true hero for taking care of her family of 38 kids by herself
This mother is parenting her 38 kids by herself. The majority of mothers with many children feel overwhelmed and frustrated since they do not have enough time for
Photos of a woman and her young daughter at a school dance went viral on the web. She was just 17 years old when she became a mother
A diploma was awarded to Ane about the middle of the year 2021. Ane chose to put her one-and-a-half-year-old son, Adrian, in charge of the job since it