Vets had said that she would never walk again, but she has defied their forecasts

The orphaned cats were saved by Hannah Shaw, who went to the shelter to assist with their care. However, Chloe’s presence distracted her attention.

Hannah was allowed to bring three kittens home instead of the usual two due to Chloe’s sad condition. Chloe was found to have a spinal damage by the vet.

She has no choice but to rear-end drag. Hannah claims that she is aware of and can feel her reflexes. Among the areas of her body that are unruly is her tail.

The veterinarian labeled her condition as «severe,» and he expected that she would not be able to live. As a result, she continues to search for a solution in spite of the grim prognosis.

Despite the fact that Chloe is now paralyzed, she has no clue what has occurred. When she’s playing, she’s typically all smiles and no nonsense. And Andrew (Hannah

‘s assistant and boyfriend) is a huge success with her.

After cleaning her up, feeding her, and administering PT, she was returned to her normal routine.

Acupuncture and electrotherapy treatments surpassed our expectations when it came to their effectiveness. The movements of Chloe’s hind legs, tail, and efforts to stand on all fours roused her from her coma.

A little step forward in a lengthy process of healing for her. Her future is bright, and we are optimistic.

Chloe regained control of her bladder. Now that we know for sure, the medical community was wrong!

While crawling, the cat’s paws are immobile. It seems that she has a strong chance of a full recovery.

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