Better than ever: Sharon Stone, 64, made headlines when stepping out in a plunging-neck dress

Thor, now 64 and starring in the film Basic Instinct, seemed self-conscious on the red carpet in what spectators have nicknamed a «princess outfit.»

She gushed about how beautiful Sharon looked in her ensemble.And now she’s going to be on the longest-running and most-famous American variety program, Saturday Night Live.

Furthermore, nobody was anticipating Stone’s arrival. The celebrity appeared in a brief skit during a performance by Sam Smith, whose voice has been called «the loveliest in the world.»

It is unclear, however, what Sharon’s precise function will be. She reclined in various positions on the improvised couch she had thrown together for the song. Everyone, however, could not take their eyes off of Stone.

Her slim, dark frame looked especially lovely against the spotlight. It seems that Sharon is a true queen, as shown by the gold flakes.

The star of «Basic Instinct» is not just stunning because of her physical attributes. There have been zero attempts at making Sharon seem younger on Sharon’s part.

Though she advocates for high-caliber, individualized treatment, she remains unconvinced by the benefits of big aesthetic operations like plastic surgery.

Mrs. Stone appears significantly younger without the silicone and makeup that her contemporaries use, and even younger than those who are considered «oversized».

Stone’s openness and spontaneity in even the smallest of her movements contribute to her continued status as a sex icon.Although Sharon Stone’s outfit was a little out of the ordinary, it was a big success in the Principality of Monaco.

Sharon Stone is a celebrity whose fame has only grown over the years, as seen by her role in To Have the Best Clothes Performances.

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