Once a police officer saw a little cat in the midst of a highway that was pretty congested with vehicles, he or she was able to safely collect the feline

A kind act by a police officer who really cares about the people in his community.

Given that the police officer who just saved his life also happens to be the proud owner of a cat called Libby, it’s likely that Libby is already snoozing soundly on the unique temporary bed that is a policeman’s cap.

The police guy literally just rescued him.

All of the police officers have been briefed on the harrowing account of Libby’s rescue by a courageous cop named Cameron Koss.

When the officer saw the cat in the middle of the road, he became concerned and immediately called for help. Libby was locked in place, and it was possible that she might get trapped.

Koss acted very instantly.

Libby is doing OK at the moment, and she knows she has a lot of people to thank. She was even given the choice to keep her hat on if she wanted to.

Before being sent to the animal shelter, Libby was given some time to unwind at the police station.

She was under treatment for a condition that was making it difficult for her to breathe.

Libby may be adopted into a new home immediately. She must be saved once again and placed into a loving family that will provide for all of her needs.

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