A young lady constructs a cat carrier so that she may take her pet with her wherever she goes
Until recently, Bounty was the only native cat reported at La Grignetta’s peak. This mountain, which has a purported height of around 7,100 feet, supposedly has no audible
A lady thinks she’s found a «antique fur hat,» but it’s really something else entirely
The New York City shopper came upon what she believed was a fascinating bargain at a thrift shop. A fur cap on display in the shop was the
She got a cat, but it grew to almost wolf-sized proportions
Maria bought a kitten from a flea market. An anomaly was discovered after a month of observation: The cat had become excessively large. For the first time in
This cat looks like an actual version of a popular cartoon character; it’s that cute
A cat’s photogenic abilities have led to widespread recognition on the web. The iconic cartoon features a cat that seems to be clutching a pair of peas. The
Because she couldn’t return to the wild, the cougar became a domesticated cat
In their apartment, this couple has a unique pet that they take care of. Medis is a 50-kilogram cougar. Owners of Medis found him in a zoo. His
Everyone who has ever had a cat has made some of the same basic blunders
Many people who want to bring a cat into their homes do so on the false assumption that such a simple animal doesn’t need special treatment. However, that’s
A rescued piglet and a cat, both cute, became fast friends despite their initial differences
The animal kingdom is fascinating even without the amazing tales of genuine, lifelong friendships between creatures of different kinds. Marie the cat and Luois the baby pig are
A guy gave up his job and sold all he had so that he and his dog could travel the world together
An Australian named Richard East decided to leave his job so he could travel the world with his dog, and here is the narrative of his journey. Richard’s
Take a look inside the home of a lady who has over 1,000 cats
She really’moved out’ of one of her bedrooms in order to give the kitties a bit more space.Our cuddly feline buddies are very important to this self-described «cat
After feeding a stray cat and her kittens, the youngster took them in and adopted them
Victoria, a young lady, spends her leisure time caring for stray kittens. It was only a few days after she brought her kitten home when a hungry stray
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