The cat somehow survived being run over by a bus
After being hit by a bus and presumed dead for four years, a stray cat miraculously made a full recovery. When someone came to aid the cat, it
Once a police officer saw a little cat in the midst of a highway that was pretty congested with vehicles, he or she was able to safely collect the feline
A kind act by a police officer who really cares about the people in his community. Given that the police officer who just saved his life also happens
After being separated for some time, a cat that had been stealing dog food from a garage eventually reunited with its owner
Animals used to a more sheltered lifestyle have a much harder time surviving in the wild. But a once-domesticated but now-wild huge cat not only lived, but also
One of the best cat dads in the world is Zorro, and Bandit is his doppelganger kitten
Meet Zorro, a handsome young man named after the mythical masked figure. He just became a parent, and now he has a little one of his own to
A father cat’s first glimpse of his kittens is the most heartwarming moment of the day
Most of a mother cat’s time is spent caring for her kittens. Unlike human dads, feline males seldom interact with their kids. The mother cat presumably anticipated to
The panda-like cat, named Marie, who was found abandoned in a box in Spain, is doing OK
This baby was found in a box where it had apparently been abandoned. The natural beauty of the animal was the first draw for many who came to
Bob, a stray cat, helped James hang himself in the end
As a result of their upbringing in a shattered home, James Grandi was born. He started abusing drugs once he started working for a corporation. James eventually resolved
The cute and perceptive feline. An inquisitive and dependent feline
A ginger cat was discovered bleeding on the sidewalk in Massachusetts. The kitten’s back was hurt in the attack, and it still wasn’t able to stand up straight.
A homeless cat visiting the zoo for sustenance befriended a lynx there
Can wild and tamed animals ever get along? So far, it seems such is the case. The fact that they share a species increases the likelihood that they
After a couple of months, customers began showing up with cash
The workers at one shop took in a stray cat. A cat had a home in the neighborhood. They decided to keep him in the store overnight, so
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