A little stray cat follows a potential owner home and the two quickly grow attached
In most cases, a pet is selected. Mistakenly taking in strays is a common occurrence. A cat was the last thing little Joe expected. Also, he’ll be accompanied
After meeting for the first time in a coffee shop, an owl and a cat quickly became fast friends
Animals and their habitats are always fascinating to observe. They have won our hearts with the humorous stories they tell about their love. This time around, the spotlight
When their mother left them, a pit bull took care of these orphaned raccoon cubs
Animals, unlike people, are more likely to help one another out. In contrast, canines are the most devoted of all animal species. Besides being man’s best friend, they’re
Thanks to his new family, the rabbit realized that love has no bounds
A  close relationship between animals of different species. The old adage that «a dog and a rabbit can be best friends if two different animals can» apparently derives
Beautiful baby was born with a «clown nose» nine years ago. Where she is now living and how she looks
Birth is a predestined event. This is predetermined by a person’s genetic makeup and the forces of nature, thus acceptance or adaptation is required. Raising children properly is
An unlikely friendship blossomed when a young lady rescued a pair of 5-meter alligators and tamed them
As the first woman in history to successfully tame an alligator, Ashley Lawrence made history. She has converted her passion for animals into a successful career that provides
The duckling and the cat are the best of friends, and they spend all their time cuddling
Wild cats often kill and eat ducks, but these two seem to be closest friends. What we say here is serious. The two newborns collided violently in the
A pigeon with every hue of the rainbow represented in its plumage
This pigeon’s array of vivid hues makes it a treat for the eyes. Pigeons have earned a bad rep as a species. Rock pigeons can be found on
While waiting for his new owners, the shelter dog wore a suit that was more suited to a puppy
Each dog secretly wishes for a forever family to call their own. When the happy moment finally arrived, the anxious dog was dressed to the nines in a
The piglet Wilma and the front-pawless puppy Winnie bonded quickly after being housed together
A dog with no front paws was adopted from a shelter in Canada. Wilma the piglet was his safest playmate since other dogs may hurt him. The change