This mom gave birth when she was 60 years old; her daughter is now seven years old

In 2015, this news report shocked the country. Winter had her first child when she was 60 years old. She had her first serious relationship at a young age. They had a son shortly after their wedding.

Things changed so swiftly, though, that the couple broke up and Winter ended up parenting their son on her alone.

At age 50, she meets a guy who is eight years younger than her. The pair started dating for romantic reasons.

Winter doubted that she could keep her good fortune.

The dad did anything he could to aid his kid. His proposal to a future bride comes quickly, and they are soon wed.

They began, however, to think about starting a family in the not-too-distant future. She persevered, and thank goodness, her daughter was born healthy.

This little one entered the world on January 16, 2015. When word of Winter’s story spread, the media took notice and invited her and her family to appear on a television program.

These days, she’s seven years old. She has a wonderful character and is quite active. Currently, she is not at all worried about her parents’ elderly age.

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