Yana, a cat with two personalities, has become an internet sensation

Fans are drawn to Yana because of her unique coloration. A «two-faced» cat has 87k Instagram followers.Belarus is where Yelizaveta’s owner lives and works. After the Greek god Janus, Yana was renamed.

Even Yelizaveta’s 5-year-old cat Yana gets a lot of attention because of her unique color. Yelezveta is a self-taught artist, thus she often sketches her pet cat.

According to specialists, this cat’s hue is unusual. This is a common characteristic among tricolor cats. In nature, this color is not found.

It’s unusual to see a cat with this coloration.

The Venus cat is a well-liked pet. On her face, she has a 50/50 mix of black and red, and her eyes are a unique mix of green and blue.

As far as specialists can tell, Venus and other cats like her are a natural wonder that cannot be explained by anything other than genetics.

Unusual animals have been referred to as chimeras by certain experts. The gene sets of various cells within the same organism vary greatly. Because of the animal’s genetic diversity, it seems to be two distinct species.

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