The fact that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6 or 8 is now general knowledge, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be plus size

Audience members’ brains are still reeling from the shock of seeing Marilyn. Yet many are still unsure whether the actress would be considered attractive by modern standards.

To fully grasp this, one must first ascertain Monroe’s actual stature.

Monroe was a talented actress whose life was tragically cut short when she passed prematurely at age 36.

The question «how much size had the main female dress?» has garnered a lot of attention, and researchers are presently doing extensive analysis to provide an answer.

One source of confusion was the dramatic shift from 1950s to 2010s measuring grids.

To give an insight, a current model’s size zero would be the same as a size 10 under the previous system. Given her profession, it is not surprising that the actress saw some weight change as she got older.

However, in the pathologist’s report, for instance, that same height of 53 kilograms is listed.

People who study Marilyn Monroe today tend to think that the actress was closer in size to modern women than they were led to believe in the past.

She wasn’t underweight, but she also wasn’t overweight. First, let’s clear the air on this. Her beauty was undeniable to the naked eye.

Please share your opinions on what just happened.

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