When the cat realized he had no more possibilities, he mustered his remaining power and crept up to a kind guy

These depressed business owners could not bear to part with the cat, despite his beautiful green eyes, so they abandoned him in the city.

He learned how to injure his paw, and it began to rot. Murzik was raised in a household and has never learned to forage for his own sustenance.

Even worse, it was the dead of winter, so he had to deal with ice as well.

On one occasion, he was so weak from hunger that he mustered up his last strength, escaped the storm shelter, and went on the offensive.

Fortunately, he got the attention of the person responsible for road cats, and upon viewing him, she realized that immediate action was required.

She took it to the doctor right away, and the physician was able to ease the pain in the paw. The cat, meantime, bravely put up with many drops and a number of bandages.

With any luck, this wonderful creature will find his loving family and forever home, where he will get an endless supply of affection and positive reinforcement.

The guards are more than happy to take him to whichever city you like.

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