Unwilling to give up his land, a farmer continues to tend to his crops despite the proximity of several buildings

The man’s plot of land stands out like a flower among the concrete jungle of the metropolis. We now tell the story of Michal Myslowski, a man who gave his life for his nation.

Unlike his other farmers in Lublin, Michal He turned down developers’ generous offers to buy his land and continue building in the area.

People who don’t share Michal’s deep affection for his acres of land have dubbed him «crazy» for refusing to take advantage of the incredible opportunities presented to him.

Michal ignored the warnings that «sooner or later, you will regret it.» His doggedness resulted in a bizarre juxtaposition of modern conveniences and ancient artefacts on his estate, the last remaining green space in an otherwise urbanised area.

Despite the busy streets, offices, and posh shopping centres all around him, Michal still uses his combine harvester to cultivate rapeseed.

The locals are understanding of Michal’s working situation and seem unconcerned by the presence of agricultural equipment. Instead, many prefer to look out their windows at the city’s sparse greenery and unwind there.

Farms are great places to teach kids about hard work and the value of community.

Visitors to Michal’s plan stop to snap pictures and films, which they share on social media. When the images went viral, local news outlets shared this touching story of love and sacrifice with their audiences.

There were a lot of positive comments written by internet users, with some even claiming that they would rather be in this wonderful setting than in their own sad one.

Perhaps Michal’s decision to sell his farm was a wise one in light of the world’s evolution. He established the fact that the inverse is often the better option.

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