This rapper decided to quit the music industry in order to devote his time to saving stray cats

J Rey, a citizen of Georgia, was taking a vacation from his rap tour when he decided to apply for a job at the county shelter.

Just to make money, J Rey was motivated to work and be active. And he has always been a big fan of animals. After meeting with stray and rescue animals, J Rey was moved to take action.

A meeting was held in which he stated his desire to depart the organization.

The rapper has dedicated his life to educating the public and assisting cat rescue groups.

While working at the shelter, it dawned on him right away that he was the only black guy in charge of taking care of the cats.

Over the course of her career, the rapper has acquired extensive knowledge in the subject of cat care and rescue, having worked in it for more than five years. Since then, he’s been working on the construction of an animal refuge.

There has never been a good connection between animal welfare organizations and black men who want to help save cats.

We have a moral obligation to treat animals with care, since they are really our friends and family members.

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