The Port Jackson shark the diver petted has taken a like to him and swims over to give him a hug whenever they cross paths again

Eleven years ago, when Rick Anderson observed an unusual event, he met a sea companion.

As Rick Anderson and a class of divers explored the depths of Port Jackson, they came across the birth of a baby shark.

It is known that their length is barely 13–17 cm at birth and that it grows to 1.8 meters as they mature. The diver came close to the sharks and reached out to touch one of the young sharks.

The small pal remembered Rick when he came back to see the infants and swam right up to him. Humans may safely interact with sharks at Port Jackson.

Specifically, they eat crabs and mollusks.

After seeing his new acquaintance every few weeks, Rick eventually saw him once a month. As time went on, the guy stopped making nearly as frequent trips to the beach when he relocated.

In spite of this, the little shark never failed to approach him throughout his Great Barrier Reef dives. She was oblivious to the other swimmers around her.

For close to a year, the man avoided the ocean out of fear that the shark might recognize him.

«As with all marine life, my shark is gorgeous. I dived with it for a long time (ten years to be precise), watching it from the moment it hatched until I moved away eighteen months ago.

Rick said that the marvels of nature are astounding, and that there are some Australians that would prefer not to eat, sting, or kill you.

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