You’ll never know if you don’t try, the 71-year-old said
It should be noted that not everyone considers Rosa Saito to be the hottest model working today. She tried her hand at becoming a model when she was
Grandma impart her wisdom on how to live to be 107 years old
We can now safely say that Grandma is 107 years old. Her study of what makes for a long and happy life revealed novel and important information. She
A wedding photo from 1953 was in Grandma’s hands
It’s possible that the triggering event, no matter how long ago it happened, will always arouse a fleeting feeling. We may reflect on the highs and lows of
At age 73, Sigourney Weaver has become an international symbol
Many of Sigourney Weaver’s contemporaries have been held up as examples of how to become a successful Hollywood actress. Gorgeousness worthy of a fashion model and an air
If we can locate Miss World from 1965, who would be 74 now, we may be able to reverse time
Apasa Hongakula, 74, is one of Thailand’s most important individuals. The young lady competed at the collegiate level and ultimately emerged victorious, becoming the country’s first ever beauty
Better than ever: Sharon Stone, 64, made headlines when stepping out in a plunging-neck dress
Thor, now 64 and starring in the film Basic Instinct, seemed self-conscious on the red carpet in what spectators have nicknamed a «princess outfit.» She gushed about how
The fact that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6 or 8 is now general knowledge, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be plus size
Audience members’ brains are still reeling from the shock of seeing Marilyn. Yet many are still unsure whether the actress would be considered attractive by modern standards. To
A lady renovated a vintage school bus into a stylish motorhome. Observe this
In just three years, the old bus was transformed into a chic and cozy mobile house. Some individuals are lucky enough to inherit their ideal home, while others
You won’t believe your eyes: she went from being a grandma of 60 to a breathtaking beauty in only a few short years
The old adage «looks is not everything» is something most of us have heard at some point. That’s true, at least to some degree. To be sure, one’s
This youngster with Down syndrome has shown that she has the potential to be a successful model
It was to the satisfaction of people all around the world when the model Kate Grant made headlines online. The fashion and beauty industry consistently shock us with
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