The cartoon-eyed kitten enters and he transforms into a whole other persona

Near a factory, a black-and-white cat was found. The rescuers discovered various anomalies when inspecting the cat.

Having shed just a few tears, she had her tongue hanging out. Her third eyelid had to be used as a blinking mechanism since she couldn’t shut her eyes.

It was determined that she would be happy in her own home after a thorough investigation by the rescue team. They dubbed it «Mau Mau.» She had a good life with her parents.

Her self-confidence and character grew over the course of a year. People couldn’t determine whether she was a cartoon or a real person.

Efforts were made to find Mau Mau a new home.

Amelie was eager to meet the kitten since she’s always had cats and now works at a veterinary clinic. Amelie was smitten with her from the moment they laid eyes on one other.

She was ready to take her in right away. She snuck around the house, hiding beneath Amelia’s bed.

Mouthy Mau Ma is an unrepentant feline with no teeth. Every movement she sees is caught on camera by her fluffy tail. Her day-to-day responsibilities include taming her hair (or anything that resembles it).

Amelie opined that Mau Mau may be a little clumsy at times, causing him to run into things.

Though little, she has a strong will and is capable of disobeying her master if she so chooses.

Mau Mau’s curiosity has no bounds. In the home, she is dedicated to and follows her owner around. Mau Mau enjoys playing with her toys the most.

Mau Mau is dedicated to her mother, despite the fact that she isn’t the most cuddly of felines.

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