Newborn smiled broadly at her father upon hearing his voice, proving she was instantly familiar with the environment

Throughout the whole pregnancy, Dad kept in constant contact. She had him pegged from the moment he was born.

Every parent looks forward to that first precious moment when their child is introduced to the world. This is truer than ever when it’s your first time experiencing it.

A couple from Brazil has recently had such an event. And their newborn baby’s peculiar response just added to the already odd situation.

Antonella’s first grin was shared with her parents only minutes after she was born.

And there was a rationale: Antonella’s dad, Flavio Dantas, had been having conversations with his daughter since she was in the womb.

Every morning before he left for work, he would leave kind comments for his daughter.

Tarsila, the girl’s mother, noticed her daughter’s behavior changed when she heard her husband’s voice.

From the moment of birth, the mother had a premonition that her child would be able to recognize their voices.

In response to her father’s voice, Flavio’s newborn daughter gave him the sweetest grin.

The dad confessed that after seeing his daughter smile, he felt something he couldn’t put into words.

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