Just when the owners were searching for a canine companion, a stray kitten showed up

One of the most wonderful and fulfilling things you can do is take in a stray animal.

Throughout his life, Sorn has always had a soft spot for furry friends. They brought a dog inside since it was so lovely and cuddly, he said.

Although he seems to be doing OK in his new home, the dog clearly would have benefited from having a close companion with whom he could play and have a happy childhood.

While waiting for Sorn to go, they decided to acquire him a tiny cat to play with.

An orphaned kitten rapidly figured out how to win her affection. Sorn received a phone call from his sister.He reasoned that if they were willing to accept the cat, they may be able to help him.

The little female was in a poor spot and wanted to meow for help since she was hungry.

Today was Sorn’s moving day, so he wasted no time in locating her. The feline was brought in for checkups and vaccines.

Fortunately, kitten found a good home with the right folks at the right time.

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