It’s really sweet to witness these adorable hedgehogs in the state of repose that comes so naturally to them

It is quite possible that you have never seen them in this particular guise before.

What a comfortable position to sleep in!

Even though they don’t know very much about hedgehogs, a lot of people decide to keep them as pets these days, despite the fact that they don’t know very much about them.

Hedgehogs are beautiful creatures that need their human partners to provide them with a significant amount of attention and care.

Before you choose whether or not to adopt these gorgeous animals, you will have comprehensive information of all of their characteristics.

In recent years, there has been somewhat of a trend of focusing one’s attention on a person’s buttocks, especially when that person is asleep.

Specifically, They sleep in the most bizarre positions, which keeps everyone else in the vicinity on the edge of their seats.

When a video of a hedgehog sleeping in such a peculiar position was shared on social media, other owners of hedgehogs replied by submitting images of their own hedgehogs when they were relaxing.

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