It was clear that this dog wouldn’t have a healthy, active life. However, a little lad of 12 discovered something

The dog Gracie has had it difficult from the day she was born. She was born with a birth defect that has affected her front legs.

This led its owners to make the quick decision to have it destroyed.

A group of kind strangers saw the dog wandering the streets and brought him to the vet. Gracie was worn out and fatigued, yet she desperately wanted to continue living.

Prompt medical attention and the return of her caretakers restored her health.Terney found refuge with her new family. They have an animal refuge that they manage as a family.

Because they had previously taken care of a paraplegic dog and another that was missing a limb, they were well-versed in the challenges of caring for animals with special needs.

There was a little issue with Gracie over time. After all, the kid was maturing, and better mobility was a must. She wasn’t yet big enough for a wheelchair, however.

However, Dylan, her 12-year-old son, stepped in to help. In a pinch, he constructed a Lego wheelchair.

Most importantly, Gracie was able to find a wheelchair that was just right for her. One advantage was its low price, and another was how easily it could be customized to fit any dog.

It was true that it took roughly two weeks to complete one, but the wait was well worth it.

Eventually, Gracie becomes used to the stroller and utilizes it not just for walking, but also for jogging. Gracie was upgraded to a «adult» pram when the time came.

The dog’s masters have made it possible for him to have a long, healthy, and, most importantly, happy existence.

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