In the course of their camping trip, a father and son wind up saving many cats

The two of them have a lot of fun on their camping trips. This was always their go-to place for getting away from the world, so it came as a shock the last time they went that someone else was there.

Steve and his kid were setting up camp in the woods when they came upon a solitary cat.

As Steve prepared his campsite, his kid met the friendly cat and Steve wondered whether the cat would tag along when they went home.

While the cat was making its way to meet its new buddies, they dined in their tent and cleaned up the leftovers.

Although Steve didn’t linger long after returning to his tent, he did so.

He got up to find out what was going on, waving the light from his phone, and saw eight sets of eyes looking back at him.

In addition to being a new employee, she was also a mother to three adorable kittens.

Steve and his wife and kids have opted to adopt all three cats, and they couldn’t be happier about it. I’m curious as to your thoughts.

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