In contrast to when they were younger, when the twins’ unusual haircut was the object of much ridicule, now it is all the rage

Like her identical twin brother TK Wonder, Cipriana Quann was first self-conscious about her hair when she was a child.

Cipriana feels I don’t have enough creativity. The bothersome nature of having long hair is increasing. They accepted their naturally curly hair for what it was and no longer tried to straighten it.

Friend Nikisha Brunson and her inspired her to start the Urban Bush Babes blog with the goals of:

After being featured in photo campaigns for ASOS and Gap and in fashion magazines, the sisters have gained worldwide fame.

Cipriana had prepared answers to the girls’ daily questions in advance. Whoa, you really have that much hair? Yes.

Do you ever find it difficult to maintain your composure under the weight of such sounds? People who have Afro curls often face the stereotype that they are overweight. This is really the case opposite.

New York City may be feeling the effects of climate change, yet despite the weight of our hair, it is really as light as air. Therefore, the wrong response is correct.

Hey, I was curious whether you ever have your dreads braided.

— No.

One can enquire, «Why don’t you braid?» However, I find that my hair is happiest when it is in its natural form, despite my appreciation for the style.

Another of my favorite questions is, «Why don’t you have the same haircut as your sister?»

Initially, I justify my decision by telling myself, «Well, that’s my prerogative; obviously I enjoy my hair the way it is now, else I would have picked a new haircut long ago.»

The standard response I give is, «It’s just my choice.» However flippant my tone may seem, there is more to my decision than simply how our hair styles happen to coincide.

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