How Freddie cared for his cats like they were his own kids was quite touching to see

The film dedicated to Freddy Mercury shocked audiences with its depiction of Mercury’s affection for his cats and the lengths to which he went to ensure their well-being.

I knew he liked cats, but he had no idea how much he treated them like his own children. I knew he loved cats, but he had no idea I knew that.

Close friends of the Queen Hero offered evidence in the form of images, films, and comments that showed an unprecedented devotion to their feline companions.

Several of his biographers attest to the fact that even when on the road, he never stopped wanting to touch base with his loved ones.

He had lengthy conversations with his animals, made several calls, and eventually checked into a hotel.

As Mary’s dad Freddie spoke on the phone, she took turns holding the kitties and bringing them closer to the handset. The felines eventually picked up on what was being stated.

Before Christmas, he started bringing in more and more felines. Most of them came from different kinds of shelters.

Two of them came from nonprofit groups.

However, his devotion to his feline companions was evident not just in the music he composed, but in the way he went about his daily life.

You like the vocalist, right? Then answer me this: why, if you do.

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