Every day, a compassionate woman provides food for a blind raccoon and his two babies, who surprised their owner by showing up one day

She has a soft spot in her heart for animals, which makes Eryn a wonderful friend to have. He became a regular visitor to Eryn’s house after she fed him on her porch every day for over five years.

On one particular day, the adorable raccoon wanted to surprise his owner by showing up in the company of his two amazing pals.

As soon as Raccoon met his new friends, he knew he had to bring some food with him. Eryn observed two black kittens that never left the side of their blind friend.

With her camera in hand, she snapped away as soon as she noticed this bunch of strangers. For the last several days, this adorable trio has consistently shown up at the same time each day for lunch.

It was after they had eaten that the black kittens and their raccoon buddy went into the woods. When the cats came up one day without their beloved companion, Eryn learnt that he had perished.

The usual lifespan of a raccoon is two to three years, however this adorable raccoon lasted for five years.

With the constant care and affection of Eryn’s two kittens, and the steadfast support of Eryn, this success was possible.As befitted his noble nature, the blind raccoon had a long and wealthy life.

It was Eryn’s decision to take in a litter of abandoned kittens and allow them to live out the rest of their lives in peace with one of her other cats.

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