A good-hearted lady intervened to rescue the raccoon from a potentially fatal predicament
The founder of New Hope Refuge, Maxine Baird, agreed to accept a rescued raccoon into her sanctuary. However many raccoons were in her charge, Maxine found them hostile.
Because she shares her home with two other raccoon puppies, she’s raised to believe she’s a dog
Animals are awe-inspiring. Astonishing displays of tenderness and love. When two species have an emotional connection, it’s uplifting. It’s important to be kind, kind, and sensitive to others.
Every day, a compassionate woman provides food for a blind raccoon and his two babies, who surprised their owner by showing up one day
She has a soft spot in her heart for animals, which makes Eryn a wonderful friend to have. He became a regular visitor to Eryn’s house after she
This adorable golden-beige pet raccoon has become an online celebrity after a stunning golden-beige haircut went viral
Yuni is a 2-year-old golden brown raccoon. Joyce Tai has an apartment in Taiwan with his owner. A golden-beige pet raccoon gets a cute haircut and becomes a
Three years after he was rescued, the raccoon has returned to the lady who saved him
Animals of all kinds, regardless of species, may value their human partners immensely. One of our rescuers came upon it while walking down the roadside. Many rescue organizations
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