Cat is so thrilled that she has a safe, loving place to raise her offspring that she meows constantly

The Animal Center in Virginia received a pregnant cat at their headquarters.

The small cat had come in hopes of a better life, and she was completely smitten by her foster family once she saw their house.

The small cat seemed relieved to have the choice of a roof, and more significantly, to have access to so many different potential sources of food.

She appreciated the kind hands that stroked her face since she was hoping to get plenty of affection.

She had a loving family that provided for her every need, so she would wake up each day full of pep and chatter.

Over the course of the next days, Freckles met and befriended every single person and furry creature that lived in the home.

The nicest part is that the cat will never have to endure another pregnancy and will instead be the eternal focus of love and devotion from a devoted household.

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