An officer is inspired by the plight of a cat and takes him in

Two Carolina police officers were just on their regular patrol when they happened across a stray cat and changed his life forever.

The police officers observed the little fur ball and wanted to help it.

Since they fear he has wandered off, the police have combed the neighborhood for signs of his mother or any other relatives who could be caring for him.

Despite exhaustive efforts, no locals could be found to lay claim to it. In a Facebook post, police searched the area but weren’t able to locate the puppy’s mother or owner.

The police couldn’t just leave him since he was on his own and helpless, so they ended up carrying him around all day.

The little kitten hopped up on the shoulders of her saviors and promptly decided that this was the best place to hang out from now on.

His cheerful and buoyant temperament was apparent in the spaces between embraces.

The cat seemed quite content and appreciative to be riding on the shoulders of the officer, as shown by its frequent, quick meows of approval.

They’re adorable, right?

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