Amazing friendship: You won’t believe who the dog considers to be his best buddy

It’s true; an owl and a dog became friends, and pictures of them are making the rounds on the web right this second.

It’s hard to imagine a world where delegates from different species can get along, but when it does, it has the potential to melt a lot of people’s hearts and make them believe in the supernatural.

Take a deep breath before looking at the photos; you won’t believe how cute they are.

Different from the rest of my family, I have always had a soft spot for animals. They are lovely in their constancy, courage, solidity, and charm.

Humans «definitely have a long way to go from beasts,» as Tanya puts it, and displays the remarkable connection of representatives of two distinct species, owls and dogs, who were joined by other owls in the recent picture session.

They are beings, after all, although they may be shy and sneaky, worn out and oblivious. Extremely similar to us.

When a creature’s material possesses human articulation, the resemblance to humans might seem entirely bizarre.

Tanya said, «I often recommend that you need to learn how to develop companions, cope with a companion, and stay devoted.»

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