After meeting for the first time in a coffee shop, an owl and a cat quickly became fast friends
Animals and their habitats are always fascinating to observe. They have won our hearts with the humorous stories they tell about their love. This time around, the spotlight
After spending a day without moving, an owl was spotted by a small boy in the marsh
Walking through the city’s centre, a man came upon an adorable little creature. This bird of prey caught his eye. As he went about his business, he didn’t
What did the owl do once the man departed, having treated it?
The Virginia Owl was in critical condition when brought to the vet, but thanks to Douglas Podzecki’s efforts, the owl is once again flying. The guy then had
A great horned owl was freed from a plastic bag by an officer and a concerned civilian who had found it on a busy street
With the help of the authorities and the citizens, the great horned owl was able to flee the scene safely.Nampa, Idaho residents saw a startled owl with its
During rush hour in the morning, a nice police officer rescued a defenseless owl
Someone reported seeing an owl-like bird in the middle of a busy rural road early in the morning. Vehicles drove around the bird, which had some kind of
Amazing friendship: You won’t believe who the dog considers to be his best buddy
It’s true; an owl and a dog became friends, and pictures of them are making the rounds on the web right this second. It’s hard to imagine a
Photographs taken by the dog’s owner show the amazing and emotional affinity that exists between an owl and a canine
Occasionally, animals form close bonds with each other. Her two pets, the owl Polka and the shepherd dog Inki, can’t spend a day apart. Tanya Brandt routinely publishes
The Owl can’t help but embrace the man who saved her from a perilous situation
Great Horned Owl Iggy was carried to the vet on her Final Legs by a concerned member of the public. A good Samaritan who happened to be walking