After losing weight, she finally looked like this

American Nikki Weber, now 34, has been morbidly fat ever since she was a child. In an effort to reduce her weight as she matured, the girl tried many diets and even went on a hunger strike.

Over and over, she gave in to her cravings for sweet and greasy foods. When her weight hit 295 pounds, she realized something had to give.

After Nikki’s health deteriorated to the point that she needed assistance just getting out of bed, she moved in with her parents, who didn’t see her situation as anything more than a localized problem and didn’t try to encourage her to lead a healthier lifestyle.

They rigged up a way to get food up to the upper floors.

Having Nikki promise to bring «My entire 300 kilograms» was a big help. Weight loss is facilitated by the approach. After the child had surgery on her stomach, dietitians made her a special diet.

Nikki was hesitant and worried that she wouldn’t be able to control her emotions, but she did. Within a year of having surgery, the young woman had overcome her fears and shed 90 pounds.

Nikki shed 160 pounds and underwent a skin removal procedure to remove another 25.
She is 90 kg and often walks 3-5 km.

Nikki can’t believe she’s become such a beautiful, normal-sized girl just by losing weight. Nikki and Marcus fell in love after meeting at the gym. Later that year, Marcus made his proposal.

Nikki is grateful to everyone who helped her get to this point of perfection since she now knows what she almost did to herself.

She thinks it’s important to recognize and address one’s shortcomings. Have faith, and everything will turn out OK.

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