After feeding a stray cat and her kittens, the youngster took them in and adopted them

Victoria, a young lady, spends her leisure time caring for stray kittens. It was only a few days after she brought her kitten home when a hungry stray cat showed up at her front door.

Because her cat’s sides had grown substantially, she felt it was time for further investigation after seeing the change.

When the cat reappeared the next day, she was noticeably thinner. It didn’t take long for us to figure out she’d given birth.

To ensure the safety of the kittens before the winter arrived, Victoria had to find them and bring them home.

Victoria started to follow the cat’s scent. Between the crumbling walls of a derelict building, a litter of kittens was found.

Victoria realized as the kittens grew older that they needed a new home.

The kittens were delivered the next day in a huge box. When Victoria returned home with them, the cat was calm and appeared to enjoy the experience.

The kittens will stay at the girl’s house until she can find them a permanent home to provide them a good life.

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